Europeana Sounds issues Copyright Policy Recommendations

Last month the Europeana Sounds project issued a report on the European legal framework for copyright and related rights.

European Copyright Policy Recommendations While Europeana Sounds has been very successful in getting more audio heritage available online1,2, we still want more and better access to our shared audio and audio-related heritage. The project has done research over the past two years to examine the barriers to online access and how we can overcome them.

The report includes seven recommendations to improve access to digitised audio and audio-related heritage. The recommendations fall into three sets: (a) the legal framework in the area of copyright and related rights (b) issues related to rights clearance and the availability of rights information (c) other legal barriers and ethical considerations which can arise when considering online access to audio and audio-related heritage.

The publication was announced by Lisette Kalshoven of Kennisland during the Europeana Sounds public conference3 held in Vilnius, Lithuania on 4 November.

More details about the recommendations and a link to download the 30-page report is on the Europeana Sounds blog:


Europeana Sounds is co-funded by the European Commission’s ICT Policy Support Programme as part of the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme.