All issues of IASA Journal and Phonographic Bulletin now online!

Thanks largely to the efforts of IASA member, George Boston (and Richard Ranft), IASA is happy to announce that electronic copies of all issues of IASA Journal and IASA Phonographic Bulletin are now available on the IASA website here:

For IASA members, all issues are available upon login to the IASA website. For non-members, issues older than five years are available for free download as PDFs.

An upcoming feature by George Boston in the next issue of the IASA Journal will describe the digitization process and will make recommendations regarding articles of note.

In the meantime, please explore the archives of IASA's audiovisual literature, dating back to 1971 and documenting ongoing international discourse on the topic of audiovisual archives to the present day. This is a vast and rich resource now open to the general public, and IASA is thrilled to make these publications freely available.