National Archives of Australia showcasing gems from its collection via social media sites

To celebrate World Day for Audiovisual Heritage, the National Archives of Australia is showcasing some interesting gems from its collection via social media sites - Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Sound Cloud.

In particular, to reinforce the significance of the 2013 theme “Saving Our Heritage for the Next Generation”, we are posting excerpts of a filmed television programme from the 1960s, entitled “Woman’s World”. We were recently asked to salvage this gem, which actually went to air in Sydney and Melbourne during 1960. It has severely deteriorated since that time - in particular,  vinegar syndrome has affected this B&W 16mm telerecord, resulting in buckle and weave, shrinkage and eventual destabilisation of the film’s emulsion. This means that each frame does not lie flat for replay and the sprocket area shrinkage is so drastic that you can see the frame line appear in the screen area at certain intervals.

Digitisation of this delicate film took a team of 4 dedicated Preservation Officers to complete: one to control the telecine machine, another to guide the feeder reel, a third to gently compensate for the amount of movement of the film at scanning point, and a fourth to ensure that the film made it to the take-up reel without jumping off the telecine machine. Quite a satisfying result considering its original state.

Be sure to check out “Woman’s World” on the NAA’s YouTube channel!

We are also posting  a small selection of audio gems  - road safety adds from the 1950s – that reminded people of the dangers of speeding, especially when riding a motorbike or travelling along unsealed country roads.

You will find these fascinating clips on Sound Cloud!