Job offer - Director of Deutsches Filminstitut

Job Description

Director of the Deutsches Filminstitut – DIF e.V.

The Deutsches Filminstitut – DIF e.V. invites applications for the position of Director to succeed Claudia Dillmann with effect from 1 October 2017. This is a five-year post with the possibility of renewal.

The Deutsches Filminstitut is one of the most important film heritage institutions in Europe. With its headquarters in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, and further locations in Wiesbaden, it is a leader in the field of online database projects and in the development of new formats for film education. The Deutsches Filminstitut actively contributes to the vibrancy of film culture in Germany and internationally through the Deutsches Filmmuseum, its own in-house cinema, its film archive, film distribution, collections, festivals, its online presence, and publications. Founded in 1949, the non-profit organisation is supported by the Commissioner of the Federal Government for Culture and Media, the Ministry of Science and Culture for Hesse, the cities of Frankfurt am Main and Wiesbaden, the public broadcasting corporations, and associations and companies from the film sector.

The Deutsches Filminstitut is responsible for:

·         The collection and preservation of films as historical sources and artistic works; and their curation, restoration, and distribution

·         Digitising German film heritage and making it accessible to film professionals, researchers, and the wider public

·         The collection, academic study, and publication of film-related materials from German and international film

·         The continued expansion of, the central Internet platform for German film, and the database which supplies it

·         The operation of the Deutsches Filmmuseum with permanent and temporary exhibitions on history and the future of the moving image which, in terms of both aesthetics and content are cutting edge, and the development of new perspectives on other media and art forms

·         The development of film culture and media literacy through innovative educational projects

·         Collaborating with German and international film libraries and film archives through the film institution networks ACE and FIAF


Main Duties and Responsibilities

·         Professional management of the Deutsches Filminstitut

·         Following election by the Board of Directors to the two-person Executive Board, the position also includes the executive management of the Deutsches Filminstitut, including personnel and budget responsibility

·         Strategic and operational planning

·         Historical and theoretical analysis of film and of new forms of the moving image, and the conception of programmes and projects resulting from this

·         Representation of the Deutsches Filminstitut in public by working with public and private partners, foundations and sponsors, and in all areas of operation on a national, European, and international level

·         To initiate new partnerships and to maintain existing ones

·         Procurement of third-party funds


Person Specification

·         Long-standing professional experience in a leading (film) cultural institution

·         In-depth knowledge of German and international film history

·         Experience in dealing with national and international institutions in the field of film and culture

·         An interdisciplinary knowledge of art

·         Experience in publishing and editing

·         Language skills: spoken and written fluency in German and English

Complete and comprehensive applications, including your vision for the position of the Director of the Deutsches Filminstitut and your salary expectations, should be submitted to the Management Board by 23:59 (CEST) on 1 May 2017:

 The salary is currently remunerated in accordance with the Public Sector Collective Agreement (TVöD Bund) EG 15Ü.

The appointment will be decided on the basis of a two-stage selection process. Interviews are expected to take place in Frankfurt am Main during the week beginning 29 May 2017 (first round) and on 29 June 2017 (second round).