compressed video formats for archive

We are having a discussion at our organisation ( . about which video format/s are best to archive for purposes of streaming. As an archival master we archive an mxf , and then typically we have been archiving also an mp4 (H.264 codec) , which I believe should stream in most browsers. But then we've also had some collections recently requesting we also archive a webm version.


If aynyone has any useful information, links or experiences around the question of which compressed video format/s should be archived for best practice, I'd love to hear about it! thank you //Nick W

Hi Nick,

You should use the codec that is easiest for you to support securely. We use mp4 (H.264) for deliverables but do not consider them as an archival format because we are certain that we'll be migrating them to the next popular, easily securable format when the time comes. A case in point is our audio delverables that were created in RealAudio. We are just now embarking on their migration to mp3, which also involves confirming their marker documents that will be converted to AES60 playlists.

Thanks for that Bruce!