Gramophone Museum anniversary Seminar

26 Jan 2017 to 28 Jan 2017
Cochin, Kerala, India

Anniversary seminar 2017 Final call for Paper Presentation/Workshop Our gramophone museum and records archive enters 3rd year of operation on 25th January 2017. A two-day Seminar cum practical workshop program and a visit to Cochin is scheduled for the 26th, 27th and 28th of January 2017. As in the previous years, good National and International participation is expected. It is indeed a suitable occasion for like-minded enthusiasts like us to have a get together, right inside the museum. Seminar is conducted jointly by the Society of Indian Record Collectors (SIRC), Mumbai, Kalabhavan Universal Media Academy (KUMA), Kochin and Discs & Machines. This year’s focus of the anniversary seminar will be on “saving for posterity” Even small personal collections of audio-visual recording needs to be saved for the coming generations. Recordings which seem to be of no importance to us now may be valuable in the future. So, we must archive everything possible. Private collectors have a major role in this aspect. For those who cannot attend the conference in person, there is provision for presenting papers through Skype.