Personal and corporate names

Generally, names may be considered in two main groups for the purposes of cataloguing: personal names and corporate names.

Personal names have two broad categories of their own in relation to sound and other audiovisual recordings:

1. a) persons who have created the work that is interpreted and performed (e.g. composers, librettists, lyricists, authors, translators),

1. b) persons who create, collect or capture the recording (in the case of field recordings of ethnographic or wildlife content or environmental and mechanical sounds), and

2. contributors or participants who perform or realise the work, i.e. whose voices or instruments we hear on the recording (e.g. performers, singers, instrumentalists, interviewees, interviewers, speakers).

Corporate names also apply to creators and/or performers in relation to sound and other audiovisual recordings (e.g. orchestras, groups, bands, publishers, producers, broadcasters, distributors).