8.B. Number

Adapted from AACR2 1.8B, 6.7B19

Based on ISBD (NBM) 8.1.2
Adapted from ISBD (NBM) 8.1.6, 8.1.7
Adapted from AACR2 1.8B1, 6.7B19

See also: 9.1.A.8.3, 9.1.A.8.4.1 Give the record catalogue number preceded by the record label and a colon, space for published sound recordings. Give the variants (set number), the International Standard Book Number (ISBN), International Standard Serial Number (ISSN), International Standard Recording Code (ISRC), International Standard Work Code (ISWC), International Standard Audiovisual Number (ISAN), the production number or any other number for the item being described. Ensure that sufficient identification of the kind of number being given is included, if it would not otherwise be obvious. Optionally, give standardized numbers as an extra access point

RCA: 74321 355582

EMI: 3463827

Mercury: 136 145-7

ISWC T-034.524.680-1

Matrix number: A997

Matrix number: 3171

Matrix number: 874c

RCA Victor: STVL-1007

ISBN 87-412-4209-2

ISRC SE-T38-86-302-12

Production no.: 1016-93/2176
(Radio broadcast programme)

ISBN 87-16-11102-8
(Kit: video + book. The ISBN is also printed on the video)

ISBN 87-552-2185-8
(Kit: book + floppy disc)

REROM 8080
(Interactive multimedia )

Optionally, for published sound recordings, when the Label Code is considered necessary and can be readily ascertained, include it as a qualifier of the label name.

EMI (LC-0542): 796048-2

Optionally, for instance with broadcast materials, where a broadcaster's control number may have the appearance of a label and catalogue number but is not, commence this information with a suitable term and a colon followed by a space. Where such a term appears on the item , use what is given.

Library no: BBC: 1 A 65

Series no: AWA: AW 47/6906

Optionally, when cataloguing sound recordings which form part of the production process for commercially released recordings, also include the label and catalogue number for the final product, even if the final product is not held. When the final product is not held, qualify the label and catalogue number with an indication that the number is from an item which is from the production process (e.g. master tape ).

W&G: 35S 5589 (master tape )

W&G: 25/5100 (master tape for side A)

8.B.2. Developed and adapted from AACR2 1.8B2, 6.7B19

If an item , consisting of one unit, has two or more numbers, give the principal number if one can be ascertained, otherwise give both or all. If the item has two or more labels, give all labels.

Deutsche Grammophon: 2720 009
(Principal number)

Virgin: PANCD 001, PANCD 2
(Different numbers of the same type, for the same item )

EMI, Rockhead: 8650352
(Two labels and one number for the same item )

Matrix numbers: T1880-T1881
(Consecutive numbers for different sides of a 78)

Matrix numbers: T2205, T2264
(Non-consecutive numbers for different sides of a 78)

EMI: 796048-2. - EAN 0077779604821
(Two different types of numbers for the same item )

Based on AACR2 6.7B19
Based on ISBD (NBM) 8.1.8
If the item consists of separately numbered units, give inclusive numbers if the numbering is consecutive; otherwise give individual numbers.

Deutsche Grammophon: 643 614 to 643 616

Bis: CD-614, CD-615, CD-300, CD-616

Optionally, give both the principal and the individual numbers and add a qualification enclosed in parentheses.

Deutsche Grammophon: 2720 009 (set), 643 614 to 643 616 (individual discs)

8.B.4. Based on ISBD (NBM) 8.1.8

When an item has two or more numbers because it is issued in more than one format , etc., each number is qualified with a suitable qualifier. Separate the numbers with a full stop, space, dash, space.

RCA Victor: SPL1-1087 (LP ). - RCA Victor: SPSC-1087 (CD)

Developed from AACR2, 1.8B2If a kit bears two or more numbers belonging to different parts of the kit , give all
numbers and add a qualification enclosed in parentheses. Give the principal number, if one can be ascertained, before the number(s) for the part(s). Give numbers for parts in the order of the parts. Give a number for accompanying material last.

VI 3700 CD (CD). - ISBN 87-414-3985-6 (book)

Based on ISBD (NBM) 8.1.3
Varied from AACR2 1.8B4
If a number is known to be incorrectly printed in an item , give the correct number if it can be readily ascertained, followed by a full stop, space, dash, space, and the invalid number as it appears, with the qualification invalid (or its equivalent in another language and/or script) enclosed in parentheses.

ISBN 0-340-16427-1. - ISBN 0-340-16427-2 (invalid)