3.B. General rule

Developed from RAD 1.4A1
Based on AACR2 1.4B1, 1.4C8, 1.4D9, 1.4F9, 1.4F10, 6.4C1, 6.4C2


Use this area to record:


a) information about the place, name and date of publishing, (commercially) releasing or issuing, producing, distributing and broadcasting (and, optionally, manufacturing) activities,


b) Date(s) of creation of an unpublished item .

3.B.1.1. Do not record here the date(s) of creation for published, produced, distributed, broadcast, etc., items. For such items give the date(s) of creation in a note.

3.B.1.2. Do not record here a place, name or date of publisher, producer, distributor, broadcaster, etc., for unpublished items. For such items give only the date(s) of creation here.

3.B.1.3. Make notes on the publication, production , distribution, broadcast, etc., information which is considered as important and which is not given in this area (see 7.B.12).

3.B.1.4. For treatment of analytic entries subsequently linked to a host item , see 9.1.A.3.

3.B.2. Published, produced, distributed, broadcast items

3.B.2.1. Reproductions and reissues AACR2 1.4B5

If the original publication details are covered by a label which contains publication details relating to a reproduction , re-publication etc., give details of the reproduction or re-publication here. Give the details of the original in a note if they can be ascertained readily (see 7.B.12).

Chicago : Standard
Note: Also published on the Columbia label in the US. A label for Standard in Chicago is pasted over the Columbia label.

Sydney : Palings
Note: Also published on the Sun label in Canada. A sticker label for Palings in Sydney covers the Sun label.

3.B.2.2. Fictitious publication information
Adapted from AACR2 1.4B6
Adapted from ARSC 5.B.5

If the sources of information are known to have fictitious publication, production , distribution, broadcast, etc. details, give them in the conventional order. Supply the real publication, production , distribution, broadcast, etc., details as a correction if they are known.

Belfast [i.e. Dublin : s.n.], 1982

Camden, N.J. : Standard [i.e. Victor Talking Machine Company]

3.B.2.3.AACR2 1.4B4
See also: 1.F.1.1

Give the names of places, persons or bodies as they appear, omitting accompanying prepositions unless case endings would be affected. Use abbreviations as instructed for place names in AACR2.


... : Im Deutschen Verlag




À Paris

... : University of Leeds, Dept. of Spanish


... : University of Leeds, Department of Spanish