2.D. Statements of responsibility relating to the edition

AACR2 1.2C, 6.2C

2.D.1. Transcription AACR2 1.2C1, 6.2C1

Transcribe a statement of responsibility relating to one or more editions, but not to all editions, of a given work following the edition statement if there is one.

Guía para conocer los árboles / F. Masclans. - Ed. actualizada / por Oriol de Bolòs

Schachiapang : a modern revolutionary Peking opera / [performed by the Peking Opera Troupe of Peking]. - Deluxe ed. / rev. collectively by the Modern Peking Opera Troupe of Peking

2.D.2. Extrapolated from AACR2 1.2C3 and 1.2C4

Optionally, give parallel statements of responsibility relating to the edition.

2.D.3. Doubtful statements of responsibility AACR2 1.2C2

In case of doubt as to whether a statement of responsibility applies to all editions or issues, etc., or only to some, give such a statement in the title and statement of responsibility area.