2.B. Edition statement

AACR2 1.2B, 6.2B

2.B.1. Transcription

Based on AACR2 1.2B1, 6.2B1
Based on ARSC 4.B.1

See also: 2.0 Transcribe a statement relating to an edition of an audiovisual item that contains differences from other editions of that item , or to a named reissue of an item . Omit reissues where they differ from the original in terms of publisher or label name and catalogue number or matrix number , as these are different publications. Use standard abbreviations and numerals in place of words. Do not give an edition statement for first edition, issue, etc.

2nd ed.

Expanded from AACR2 1.2B2 If the edition statement consists solely or chiefly of characters that are neither numeric nor alphabetic, give the statement in words in the language and script of the title proper and enclose them in square brackets.

[Three asterisks] ed.

If the edition statement consists of a letter or letters and/or a number or numbers without accompanying words, add an appropriate word or abbreviation, and enclose it in square brackets.

3e [éd.]

[State] B

2.B.2. Doubtful edition statement

Expanded from AACR2 1.2B3 In case of doubt about whether a statement is an edition statement, take the presence of such words as edition, issue, release, transmission, version or variation (or their equivalents in another language and/or script) as evidence that such a statement is an edition statement, and transcribe it as such.

Western blood / The Sandmen. - New version

The bell witch / Mercyful Fate. - Limited ed.

Dos mundos cantan. - Ed. especial a beneficio de la I.T.E.A.F.

Censored version

Restored version

English language dubbed version

Versión Windows 95


Explanatory phrases appended to the edition statement may be given in a note (7.B.9).Froggie moore / Spikes Brothers. - Édition limitée
Note: Édition limitée, realisée pour les souscripteurs Association Francaise des Collectionneurs de Disques de Jazz

Autumn almanac = Almanacco d'autonno. - New releases 1991
Note: Consist of previously released material; for this recording

20-bit technology was used for 'high definition sound'

Shorter version
Note: Shorter version of the 1969 motion picture of the same name

Spanish version
Note: Spanish version of the 1956 motion picture entitled: Jenny's birthday book which was based on Jenny's birthday book / by Esther Averill

Reconstructed version
Note: Reconstructed version. The second part is completed with text and still pictures

Short version
Note: Short version of Tendens. Original version broadcast 1988-06-05


Optional addition. Supplied edition statement
Developed from AACR2 1.2B4, 6.2B3
Where an edition statement cannot be established from any source of information according to 2.A.2, but the item is known to contain significant changes from other editions, supply a suitable brief statement in the language and/or script of the title proper and enclose it in square brackets. Where such edition information is supplied, include a note stating the means of establishing the edition information (see 7.B.3).

[New ed.]

[Budget ed.]

[Pirated ed.]

[Unauthorised ed.]

[Allegedly a pirated ed.]

Note that IASA does not condone the practice of making unauthorised, pirated, bootleg, etc., recordings. It is recognised, however, that sometimes an unauthorised or suspected unauthorised recording may be received by an audiovisual archive.

When cataloguing such material, any information to be recorded about the illegality of the item should be confirmed to be correct as far as possible, and supported in a cataloguer comment (see 7.B.35), to eliminate any future implication of liability for the archive or cataloguing agency.


AACR2 1.2B6, 6.2B5 If an item lacking a collective title and described as a unit contains one or more works with an associated edition statement(s), transcribe each edition statement following the title and statement(s) of responsibility to which it relates, separated from them by a full stop.

My very first prayer time book / by Mary Fletcher ; illustrations by Treyer Evans. Rev. ed. Now I lay me down to sleep / text and pictures by Rex Catto