Share that Knowledge

Dear colleagues,

We, Janneke van Dalen (Austrian Film Museum, Vienna) and Nadja Šičarov (Slovenska kinoteka, Ljubljana) have been developing a project Share that Knowledge with an aim to form a working group which will develop strategies for transferring knowledge within audiovisual archives. 

Working group members will work together over the course of three years (January 2019 - 2021), conducting field and literature research, which will result in a publication of the results, making them freely accessible. In order to realize the project, we will need the commitment of archive affiliates from different archival institutions. At this moment, the working group consists of colleagues from mostly European countries, Mexico, Canada and India. We would like to broaden the range the archives from around the world, in particular we wish to invite colleagues from South East Asia-Pacific archives and African archives to join the project. We think it's essential the working group to be culturally heterogeneous in order to secure that strategies are applicable to as many different archival environments as possible.

Please contact us if you have interest in participating!

Best regards,

Nadja Šičarov

Arhivski oddelek/Archive Department
Slovenska kinoteka/Slovenian Cinematheque
Miklošičeva 28, Ljubljana
M: 0038640386362