IASA Journal - Issue 49 - Published Online

Dear Colleagues --

I am happy to announce that issue 49 of the IASA Journal has been published online for the first time on the new IASA Journal web platform:


For the first time, the IASA Journal presents its content as open-access scholarship available to all. We hope this is a step forward in growing the reach of IASA and sharing broadly the valuable knowledge of IASA's community. 

Issue 49 contains 80 pages, and currently includes 3 articles, 2 profiles, 1 announcement, 1 obituary, 1 editorial, and 1 president's letter. The print version includes five advertisements: NOA, Memnon, AVP, SAA, and JTS.

In this issue, five articles address an equally diverse slate of topics that are all of importance to global audiovisual archives communities. Reto Kromer gives us a first-person account of the opportunities and pitfalls that data migrations provide, recognizing the difficulty of the process while recommending opportune improvements. Edward A. Benoit looks closely at the opportunities of user-generated description for time-based media content. Literally joining forces, Brecht Declercq and Irfan Zuberi discuss their respective successes in Belgium and India to develop mature and successful audiovisual digitization, digital preservation, and access programs. Notably, Zuberi gives an overview of the first organization ever to receive an ISO 16363 certification as a trustworthy digital repository. Elizabeth Surles looks closely at the use of Describing Archives: A Content Standard and its applicability within sound and audiovisual collections. Surles' research engages longstanding discussions around the best practices of cataloging and describing complex content found in time-based media collections. Finally, Sami Meddeb and Louis Fortin team up for a brief musing on the importance of harnessing the power of the Internet to improve access to soundtracks.

We hope you enjoy this issue of the IASA Journal, and, as always, we welcome feedback and input towards the continued improvement and development of the IASA Journal.

With all best regards --

Bertram Lyons, IASA Editor