Broadcast Archives Section publishes Cold War radio research guide

The document provides information about publically available collections materials (sound recordings, archival papers, photographs, publications) created by broadcasters during the years 1947-1991.

Intended for a wide variety of audiences, it is hoped that Research Collections with Cold War-era Radio Materials will prove helpful for researchers seeking information about events, languages, religion, sports, and the performing arts both within and independent of the Cold War historical context.

Version 1.0 includes profiles of thirty-four international institutions with information including: location; contact information; materials of note; and links to subject-relevant online resources.

Research Collections with Cold War-era Radio Materials is freely available on the IASA website:

The project is collaboration between the Broadcast Archives Section and the Cold War Communication Project of the Library of Congress Radio Preservation Task Force.

To submit information about Cold War-era radio collections for inclusion in future versions of this document contact: Brandon Burke (