Human Rights Film Festival held in Juba, South Sudan

The staff of the United Nations Mission in South Sudan organised a Human Rights Film Programme from 22-25 October.

The accompanying poster was displayed around the UNMISS base at both Tomping and at the new UN House 10kms from Juba town. The films were well attended and outside UN agency staff came to watch the films.

UNMISS also had a static display of UN photographs at the two restaurants at Tomping with a description of what AV heritage/records are. There is a lot of traffic at those locations so the staff had a few enquiries about the work they do and how they can assist other sections of UNMISS. They developed last year a quick reference guide for staff to manage their 'personal archives' which has proven to be popular in terms of providing advice on preserving personal papers, photographs, music and video. Life in a peacekeeping environment can be unpredictable so staff are keen to know more about this.