IASA journal No 47, January 2017

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  1. Editorial & President’s Letter
  2. Video Compression Codecs: A Survival Guide
    Iain E. Richardson, Vcodex Ltd., UK
  3. The Sound of an Article: Preserving Audio and Video Supplemental Materials from Print Journals
    Jonathan Ponder, ITHAKA-JSTOR CM Production, USA
  4. The Evolution and Issues Encountered in Providing Meaningful and Useful Online Access to Oral History Recordings
    Leslie McCartney, University of Alaska Fairbanks, USA
  5. Building a Digital Preservation Community in Public Broadcasting: A Case Study of the American Archive of Public Broadcasting’s National Digital Stewardship Residencies
    Andrew Weaver, Eddy Colloton, Kate McManus, Selena Chau, Lorena Ramirez-Lopez,  Adam Lott and Tressa Graves, National Digital Stewardship Residents, USA
  6. Providing Access to Music-Theatre Works with Electronic Sound on Tape: The Case of Constança Capdeville
    Filipa Magalhães and Isabel Pires, Centre of Music Sociology and Aesthetics Studies, Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, Portugal
  7. Managing Born-Digital Audiovisual Media: A Case Study of Scientific Video Collection Stewardship
    Margret Plank, German National Library of Science and Technology, Germany
  8. Challenges of Teaching Sound Studies that Include Preservation Issues in Malaysia
    Ahmad Faudzi Musib, Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia, Gisa Jähnichen, Shanghai Conservatory of Music, China
  9. Locating Replacement Azimuth Screws for Tascam Compact Cassette Decks
    Andrew Thomas, CHL AV Preservation, USA