IASA Journal Advertising

The IASA Journal is published twice a year with special contributions, reports and reviews.

IASA was established in 1969 to create a forum for international co-operation between archives, libraries and individuals interested in the preservation of recorded sound and audiovisual documents. IASA has a membership of about 500 individual and institutional members. IASA members represent a diverse range of collection interests, including music, folklore, oral history, historical and broadcast recordings, and are leaders in the development of good practice and the dissemination of information on collection development and access, documentation and metadata, copyright and ethics, and conservation and preservation. IASA follows closely the progress of technology and the association’s members can call upon a pool of expertise for help and advice on digitization and with problems arising from the use of computer storage systems for heritage collections.

Through our annual conference, special publications, the IASA Journal (published twice a year), the IASA mailing lists, and the IASA website, IASA promotes open and ongoing exchange of ideas and information on current issues in the audiovisual field.

IASA journal advertising rates (charged per year = 2 issues):

  • Inner front cover 300 Euros
  • Inner back cover 300 Euros
  • Outer back cover 600 Euros
  • Full page in text 200 Euros

IASA journal deadlines

  • July 1 for September Issue
  • January 1 for March Issue

Mechanical specifications

The IASA Journal is a perfect bound book (170mm wide x 245mm tall)

  • Full page and back cover:
    • Full page size = 170mmx245mm
    • Printed 4 color process
    • Material of page - Cover = 350gsm silk; Pages = 130gsm silk

Acceptable copy formats:

If on disc, freehand on Mac preferable. Word or PowerPoint documents on a PC disk acceptable. Include all fonts on the disk, or printer will divert its version of the font to a similar font, and copy may wrap differently.

Most Word processing programs can be converted. Include hard copy with disc.

Advertisements generated electronically may be submitted as email attachments or on disk as a PDF file at 300 dpi.


All advertising is subject to editorial approval.

Artwork will be disposed of six months after publication unless return is specified.

To arrange advertising in all IASA publications, contact:

Editor: Bertram Lyons
646 Gately Terrace
Wisconsin 53711
Phone: 202-430-4457
e-mail: editor@iasa-web.org