18. Stationery & Administration

18.1 All conference stationery, programs, etc., should carry the names of the associations involved clearly and with equal prominence. This is to avoid arguments about status, to ensure that possible delegates from both associations have an equal chance on applying for attendance funding and to reflect the equality of the work put into the conference by the associations’ secretariats and the local organizing committee.

18.2 Delegates’ Bags / Folders: These should include the final program; tickets and invitations for special events; a pad of notepaper and a pen descriptive information about the venue and tourist information; label to show ownership.

18.3 Badges: To include name (without titles, i.e. Mr., Mrs., Ms., Dr. etc.); places of work; city or country; and designed to be legible, in large clear print, so as to be readable from peaking distance.

18.4 Conference notice board in a central place to indicate changes of program sessions, venue of sessions in advance; message for ... etc.

18.5 The conference office should provide fax, telephone, photocopying facilities, email and a word processor for conference use. Capability to do large photocopying jobs at short notice should be investigated. It may not always prove to be possible, but if so this should be made clear before the conference so that the Secretaries-General can notify their delegates and warn them to bring fully prepared material with them.

18.6 Conference Web Site: This is now essential for promoting the conference, notifying changes and providing the most efficient means of registration. This is the responsibility of the local organizers but may be done in cooperation with the IASA Editor.