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Live blog feeds from Europeana have been added to this site to keep you updated on the latest news about Europeana and its current projects.

Just go to our Europeana page http://www.iasa-web.org/europeana and you'll see the blog rolls on the page margins.

Disaster response information & assistance for collections affected by Hurricane Sandy

Dear IASA members,

In light of the recent disaster that Hurricane Sandy has brought upon the Eastern United States and the Caribbean, we forward the list below of disaster resources offered so thoughtfully by Chris Lacinak of AudioVisual Preservation Solutions.

Please feel free to add to these resources by commenting on the forums here or adding to the IASALIST.

Disaster Assistance Hotlines:

Northeast Document Conservation Center 24 hour Disaster Assistance Hotline: (978) 470-1010

State of digitisation in Europe's cultural heritage institutions

State of digitisation in Europe's cultural heritage institutions – ENUMERATE report

 The ENUMERATE Thematic Network has just published its first report into the state of digitisation in Europe's cultural heritage institutions. The report is based on nearly 2000 ‘core’ survey responses, from 29 European countries.

Highlights of the findings are:

IASA re-born under a new constitution

As announced by IASA President Jacqueline von Arb this morning at the annual conference in New Delhi, India, IASA's new constitution formally came into effect today, following a near unanimous 'thumbs-up' to the new rules in a postal vote among the membership earlier this year. So the 'old IASA' was dissolved and 'new IASA' created.

For further information about the change, see:


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