International Federation of Film Archives

2017 FIAF Congress

28 Apr 2017 to 3 May 2017
Los Angeles, USA

2017 FIAF Congress

The 2017 FIAF Congress will take place in Los Angeles from 28 April-3 May 2017. It will be hosted by the Academy Film Archive and the UCLA Film and Television Archive, in collaboration with the Packard Humanities Institute.

The Joint Technical Symposium - a short history

FIAF has compiled a short history of The Joint Technical Symposium which touches on the structure of CCAAA overseeing the various audiovisual organisations (of which IASA forms part) worldwide. 

2016 FIAF Congress

24 Jun 2016 to 29 Jun 2016
Bologna, Italy

The 2016 FIAF Congress will take place in Bologna from 24-29 June 2016. It will be hosted by the Cineteca di Bologna, and will partly overlap with Il Cinema Ritrovato.

The first 2016 Congress Newsletter is now available in English, in French and in Spanish.

71st FIAF Congress

12 Apr 2015 to 18 Apr 2015
Sydney & Canberra, Australia

You are invited to attend the 71st FIAF Congress to be held in Sydney and Canberra, Australia from 12th to 18th April 2015.As the second congress ever to be held in Australia, we are designing it to provide the pleasures of both Sydney and Canberra as venues during the week. Beginning in the heart of Sydney we hope to draw a diverse audience for the symposium:

Fairly Legal
Intellectual property, content regulation and film archiving: where are we heading?


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