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Workshop on AV Collections for Non-Specialist Librarians

16 Aug 2011
San Juan, Puerto Rico

This workshop will provide a basic introduction to all aspects of audiovisual collections management and preservation, in response to a felt need to equip the “forgotten people” of audiovisual archiving who are charged with caring for collections about which they have limited professional expertise. The session is intended to open the gateway to networks of contacts and sources of knowledge which the individual can pursue after the conference at their own pace.


Preservation of Digital Audiovisual Works

22 Jun 2011 to 25 Jun 2011

No matter if you have just started the digitization of your audiovisual collection or you have almost finished it or your collection is already born-digital. Beware that your precious digital data, zeroes and ones, are even in a bigger danger than the original analogue material they have originated from. The preservation process is never finished; it just bears a new adjective: digital preservation.

Understanding and preserving audio collections

7 Nov 2011 to 9 Nov 2011
London, UK

Understanding and preserving audio collections - a 3 day course, British Library, London

7 – 9 November 2011

From the end of the 19th century, sound recordings have documented some of the most significant events in culture, science and history. Custodians of audio collections are faced with the challenge of maintaining access to our priceless audio heritage, but with so many formats, from wax cylinders to the latest audio file formats, there is a risk that recordings on obsolete and fragile formats may be lost.

YADA! Scholarships for Education in Fundraising

On World Day for Audiovisual Heritage 2009, AudioVisual Preservation Solutions announced the Your Archive Deserves Advocacy! Initiative (YADA!), an effort focused on promoting the people and stories behind archives as well as providing resources that support advocacy. AVPS is offering three annual awards to help offset the cost of attending Foundation Center training classes (

How does Fundraising Relate to Advocacy?


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