New online Archive of Indian Music

The Archive of Indian Music (AIM) formally launches today.

New sound archive collates 100-year-old voices from India

"New Delhi: Mahatma Gandhi's speech caught on gramophone during his 1931 visit to England now shares space with classical music legend M S Subhalakshmi's song, recorded when she was just nine, in a new virtual archive."

Ask an expert: IASA's Editor in New York Times

IASA member Bertram Lyons, recently appointed as IASA Editor, will answer questions from New York Times readers interested in preserving their audio and visual material in analogue and digital media, as well as related documents.


Sound recordings are older than you think...

A fascinating account of Indiana University researcher Patrick Feaster's "paleospectrophony", his term for creating sounds from written records containing audio transcriptions, as far back as Athanasius Kircher's well known Musurgia Universalis (published 1650) and even earlier, is in his book and CD published last year Pictures Of Sound: One Thousand Years Of Educed Audio: 980-1980

State of digitisation in Europe's cultural heritage institutions

State of digitisation in Europe's cultural heritage institutions – ENUMERATE report

 The ENUMERATE Thematic Network has just published its first report into the state of digitisation in Europe's cultural heritage institutions. The report is based on nearly 2000 ‘core’ survey responses, from 29 European countries.

Highlights of the findings are:


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