IASA 22 Annual Conference Registration

Registration for the 2022 IASA annual conference is now open! See key details here: https://2022.iasa-web.org/registration

We hope to see you either in person or online for the annual conference. The programme is available here and it is wide and varied, much like the richness of the community it reflects. 


Celebrating Egyptian Achievements in World Audio-visual Heritage and Promoting International Cooperation

28 Jun 2022
Cairo, Egypt and online

Audiovisual materials enable us to observe events we cannot attend, to hear voices from the past that can no longer speak, and to craft stories that inform and entertain. They thus represent important storehouses of humanity’s collective knowledge for current and future generations to build on and an important transgenerational link and a window to our collective past, present and future. In an increasingly globalized work audiovisual content is therefore vital in helping us to understand the world and engage with our fellow human beings.

Now available: Spanish translation of IASA-TC 03, 4th edition

A Spanish translation of IASA-TC 03, 4th Edition ("La salvaguarda del patrimonio audiovisual: ética, principios y estrategia de preservación") is now available as a web edition on the IASA website, or as a free downloadable 


Digital Archives. Data Literacy and Presentation Strategies in Audiovisual Archives

5 Sep 2022 to 9 Sep 2022
Potsdam, Germany

The summer school "Digital Archives. Data Literacy and Presentation Strategies in Audiovisual Archives" is a 5-day, practice-oriented course aimed at people working in audiovisual archives as well as at everyone else who is interested in enhancing their knowledge about digital environments and processes related to digital archives.


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