7.7.4 Single (or Double) Operator Storage System  The simplest archival storage system would be to attach a separate RAID array containing only the audio data to the primary DAW (digital audio workstation). This configuration is only possible for institutions with one operator in the digitising process. A requirement for the success of this approach is a well structured plan for digitisation and a dedicated disk array so as the work can be carried out continuously without major interruptions. This will ensure that the HDD attached to the DAW continuously copies to tape whenever the amount of data to fill the target medium is reached.  If two operators and workstations are undertaking the digitisation tasks it will be necessary to provide access to a shared drive or drives. The sharing of such resources can be achieved by defining one of the computers as the server, and configuring it so that it manages the drives, and implementing a single wire sharing capability. Such an approach is relatively easy to implement and allows sharing between two operators, though it requires some procedural agreements to avoid conflicts. Logical organisation of data and strict naming procedures are a necessity of small scale manual storage systems.  If a system were established of the size described here. It might be the case that it would be more effective to establish a partnership with a larger archivally established institution, or to contract a storage service provider. Nonetheless, the approach above is possible.