6.1.10 Audio Archives and Technical Responsibility Though a particular institution may be responsible for the management of a collection or set of audio items, it does not necessarily follow that institution will undertake the responsibility for maintaining the digital storage system. An institution may instead become a part of a distributed storage system,or may identify a third party provider to archive their content in a more standard approach. A distributed data storage approach such as that being promoted and developed for web based material by Stanford University under the name of LOCKSS (Lots of Copies Keep Stuff Safe) replicates data in a number of places on the web. The system manages the data on the grid and risk of loss of data is reduced because the information can be found in many different places. Such a system is not appropriate for material which has access restrictions or copyright which prohibits dissemination. Such a system also requires that a development and management responsibility to be shouldered by an institution. An institution may decide that they do not have the technical capability to undertake the development and management of a digital storage system. In this case they may establish a relationship with a third party provider. That provider may be another archive which will take the collection and store its content, or may be a commercial provider who will provide and manage the storage and content for a fee. The information provided here is provided as though the institution is intending to take on its own preservation. However, if any of the above alternatives are considered, then this information is useful for determining if those approaches are reliable and valid.