10. Payment of conference fees

10.1 The following should pay conference fees:

  • All delegates;
  • All EB and conference committee members;
  • All speakers whether members of IASA or a co-host association;
  • Invited speakers who choose to stay for the full conference;

10.2 Who need not pay fees:

  • Invited speakers who are not members of either association and who stay only for the day on which they deliver their paper;
  • Certain sponsors including exhibitors, according to their level of sponsorship, as determined in the sponsorship packages published at each conference;
  • The chief executive officer of the host institution;
  • The official who opens the conference;
  • The keynote speaker if not a member of  IASA or a co-host association.

10.3 The conference organisers shall identify and agree in advance to waive these fees. They are not paid by IASA and its co-host conference partner. Further, it is up to the EB and conference organizers whether to waive the conference fees for delegates from developing countries or not. In some cases non-paying delegates, such as the official representatives from CCAAA, may be asked to pay the fee and then be reimbursed by IASA.