5.4 Uninterrupted power supply

The operation of audiovisual archives depends on the availability of electric power. An uninterrupted power supply is essential for maintaining a digital repository and is also an essential for the operation of fire alarms and extinguishing systems. Even in technically highly developed areas, an uninterrupted power supply must always be a part of the respective systems. Additionally, to cope with the individual situations faced by developing countries, independent power supply units that produce sufficient power to keep the archive in operation in the case of frequent or prolonged black outs must be installed.

It should be kept in mind, however, that even in areas with normally reliable public power supplies, fire or unusual natural disasters will probably lead to power supply problems for which preventive measures must be in place. Most important is the provision of battery powered emergency light installations that will permit the safe evacuation of visitors and staff and assist the organisation during rescue measures. Additionally, depending on the necessity to keep equipment in operation, such as automated pumps to keep water out of storage rooms, adequately powerful stand-by generators with auto-starting mechanisms must be in place. These standby systems must be tested periodically.