5.3 Water

Apart from keeping humidity low (3.1), special attention must be given to the prevention of water influx, which may come from a variety of sources. Storage areas should, therefore, be protected against water influx from all sides. This is most easily achieved if the store is located in an elevated position above the ground floor. A waterproof ceiling will prevent influx of water caused by plumbing leakages, heavy rainfall and water from fire extinguishing in upper floors. There should be no connection to the sewerage system, which, in case of floods, would be a path for influx. If an underground location cannot be avoided, careful consideration must be given to the prevention of influxes resulting from inundations, particularly in tropical areas, where storms can produce unexpectedly high amounts of water in a very short time. The installation of automated pumps may be advisable. In any case, materials should be stored some distance above the floor to help safeguard them for a period in the case of influx and give time for preventive actions to become effective. (For drying and cleaning flooded materials see 3.1.2.)