1.5 Responsibility

This is a publication within the series of the IASA Technical Committee: Standards, Recommended Practices and Strategies.

Contributing authors are the following TC members:

George Boston
Kevin Bradley
Mike Casey
Stefano Cavaglieri
ean Marc Fontaine
Lars Gaustad
Albrecht Häfner
Stig-Lennard Molneryd
Richard Ranft
Dietrich Schüller
Nadja Wallaszkovits

and the guest authors

Friedrich Engel
Patrick Feaster
Sebastian Gabler

Unless otherwise quoted: Technical drawings are by Albrecht Häfner, photographs by Dietrich Schüller and Nadja Wallaszkovits.

The publication was reviewed by the IASA Technical Committee.

This text has been composed and checked with great diligence. It represents today’s knowledge and the present foresight of risks. However, the great variety of materials, and of concrete environmental and handling factors may require individual solutions, for which this text is aimed as a general guideline. Many aspects determining the physical and chemical stability of carriers and their components are yet not fully understood. Therefore, neither the editors, the authors, the Technical Committee, nor IASA as an association may be held responsible for any damage or loss which might be ascribed to the recommendations or opinions expressed in text.

The editors would be indebted for comments on possible omissions, mistakes, or new development or experiences that may shed new light onto the recommendations given.

English language editing was in the hands of George Boston. As many readers of this document will be non-native English speakers, simplicity of expression was the aim. Like the other IASA-TC publications, orthography follows UK rules.

Cooperative publications involving experts actively engaged in their daily professional lives are a challenging task. Consequently, the completion of these guidelines took longer than originally expected. The editors would like to express their gratitude to the contributors for their input, the Technical Committee for its review and support, IASA Editors Bertram Lyons and Richard Ranft for their assistance and substantial efforts in converting the manuscript into print and web editions, and, eventually, the IASA Board, IASA members and other readers for their patience in waiting for its completion.

Dietrich Schüller
Albrecht Häfner
September 2014