IASA journal Nos. 6-10

IASA Journal No 6, 1995

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  • The Future of the Present Past Audiovisual Tradition and Cultural Heritage
    Joachim-Felix Leonhard, Frankfurt
  • The land is my land: the archive tells me so
    Grace Koch, Canberra
  • US Copyright of News and Sport
    Steffen Johanssen, Oslo
  • Long term strategies for electronic documents ­report from a Swedish study
    Mats G. Lindquist, Stockholm
  • Legal issues in audiovisual archives
    Helen Harrison, UK
  • The Recruitment and Training of Radio Archivists
    Sally Hine, London
  • Training of Media Archivists in Germany
    Hans Peter Jäger and Anke Leenings
  • Training of a Radio Archivist
    Per Hoist, Copenhagen
  • Training for Technical Radio Sound Archivists
    Albrecht Häfner, Baden-Baden
  • A cataloguer meets a discographer, each one assuming the other to be dealing only in surfaces
    Chris Clark, London
  • Discological Research in Sound Archives: requirements and possibilities
    Jerome F Weber
  • Handling of Multimedia in the Archives of I.R.T.E.M.
    Irma Perotti, Rome
  • Legal Questions in Cataloguing
    Helga Thiel, Vienna
  • FIAT Documentation Commission Sessions, Washington, 1995
    Mary Miliano, Canberra
  • The ASEAN Connection: Reflections on the ASEAN Seminar on Film and Video Management
    Ray Edmondson, Canberra
  • Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Recovery of Audio, Film and Video Materials
    Helen P Harrison

IASA Journal No 7, 1996

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  • Stereo in the 1950s and 1960s: the commercialization of a new medium of sound
    Michael Gray, Voice of America
  • AV Archives and Deposit Agreements
    Catherine F Pinion
  • Technical Appraisal of Tape Collections
    Steven Smolian
  • Preservation of Audio and Video Materials in Tropical Countries
    Dietrich Schüller, Vienna
  • Survey of Endangered Audio Carriers
    George Boston
  • The Value of Integrated Access to Print and AV Collections
    William Storm

IASA Journal No 8, 1996

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  • Digitisation and its consequences for radio sound archives
    Ulf Scharlau
  • Mixed Media in Broadcasting Archives
    Michael Harms
  • Digitisation and Documentation of (historical) audio-visual documents
    Anke Leenings
  • AV archiving philosophy -the technical dimension
    Ray Edmondson
  • Sound archives, the recording industry, and new technologies
    Lewis Flacks
  • Licensing of commercial recordings for a new library service (JUKEBOX)
    Chris Clark
  • A sound archivist looks at ISRC
    Pekka Gronow
  • A response from IFPI to “A sound archivist looks at ISRC"
    Philippe Person
  • IASA Cataloguing Rules ... : project goal and progress report
    Mary Miliano
  • Discographies of Italian opera composers: sound recordings and musical texts
    Carlo Marinelli
  • The IASA Board Charts (James McCarthy and Chris Clark)

IASA Journal No 9, 1997

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  • SEAPAAVA 2 In Jakarta
    Ray Edmondson
  • HARMONICA: Concerted Action on Music Information in libraries
    Albrecht Häfner
  • Project: Digital Archives for Historical Sound Document. On-line Databases for Information and Documents
    Joachim-Felix Leonhard
  • Digital media in the BBC
    Sally Hine
  • Digitisation and its consequences for Radio Sound Archives: Finnish Broadcasting Company (YLE)
    Lasse Vihonen
  • The archives of Slovak Radio and digital technique
    Dr Fero Horvat
  • Equalisation of BBC disc recordings
    Peter Copeland
  • National Film and Sound Archive (Australia)
    Mary Miliano
  • The IASA Board Charts (Albrecht Häfner, Magdalena Cseve)

IASA Journal No 10, 1997

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  • Audiovisual archives on the way to multimedia -the dilemma between stagnation and commercialisation (German version)
  • (English version) Michael Harms
  • The non-profit Commission on Preservation and Access (CPA) and its Task Force on Archiving Digital Information
    Hans Rütimann
  • The digital mass store in a radio sound archive: first steps into practice
    Albrecht Häfner
  • Digitizing audiovisual archive materials by outsourcing: a first approach
    Klaus Heinz