Girona's exhibitions and screenings

Girona City Council, through the Centre for Image Research and Diffusion (CRDI) and the Cinema Museum, has organized three activities to celebrate the 2013 World Day for Audiovisual Heritage:

The CRDI has opened the permanent exhibition halls of the Girona Museum of Photography (MFGi), a space for promoting and disseminating the most representative images of the history of the photography in Girona.
The CRDI has organized the screening of Girona, a Century of Photographic Creation, an overview of the history of photography in Girona, which will be presented by David Iglesias Franch, archivist at the CRDI.
The Cinema Museum will show three new short videos that reproduce the operation of three devices exhibited in the museum: Beale's Choreutoscope (UK), 1866-80; the Wheel of Life Lantern (UK), 1871; and the Optical Box, c.1750-80.