Deutsche Kinemathek Archive presents Earliest Sound Films and Innovations of Yore

For the Unesco World Day of Audiovisual Heritage on 27.10., Mariann Lewinsky and Dirk Förstner present their finds from the Deutsche Kinemathek archive: the first home cinema system Pathé Kok, Proust's Paris (DER SCHÖNSTE PARK VON PARIS: JARDIN DU LUXEMBOURG, France 1912), fashion shows in magnificent hand-painted colors, cheeky Berlin and Vienna operetta numbers with restored sound, all singing, all dancing thanks to the records, and Christian Zwarg – (including MILITÄRISCHE DISZIPLIN, Germany 1910; AM ELTERNGRAB, Germany 1907; LIEBES MÄNNCHEN FOLGE MIR, Germany 1910), the fantastic comedian Rosalie (ROSALIE DANSEUSE, director: Roméo Bosetti, France 1912) and of course superstar Max Linder, king of 1912 cinematography (AMOUREUX DE LA TEINTURIERE, France 1912, and MAX INSZENIERT EINEN FILM, France 1910).

Eunice Martins will be providing a piano accompaniment for the silent films.

27 October, 7:00 pm, Cinema 2