International Bibliography of Discographies

This bibliography has been compiled by Peter Laurence, Filip Sir, and a team of two students on behalf of the IASA Discography Committee. Many contributions were also made by individual collectors and discographers, as well as colleagues from peer associations and memory institutions. For more information on the project, click here.
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Titlesort descending Author(s) Availability/Digital version Publication Year
Ariel Langridge, Mike; Andrews, Frank; Atkin, Mike Last updated: June 28, 2016
Arrow Thomas, Michael; Andrews, Frank; Clifford, Brian Last updated: January 08, 2016
Arturo Toscanini: a complete discography Radio Corporation of America 1966
Atlantic Records A Discography Ruppli, Michel 1979
Australian Discography Mitchell, Jack 1950
Bachaphon Online Discography Rainer E. Lotz 2013
Barberphone Thomas, Michael; Badrock, Arthur; Dean-Myatt, Bill Last updated: January 08, 2016
Bartók hangfelvételei. Centenáriumi összkiadás Somfai, László; Sebestyén, János; Kocsis, Zoltán 1981
Baryton, Kgl. Kammersanger Holger Bruusgaard Aagaard, René 2012
Beacon Thomas, Michael; Atkins, Mike; Badrock, Arthur Last updated: June 20, 2016
Beka labels and trademarks Lotz, Rainer E. 2015
Beka Record in the United Kingdom Andrews, Frank; Dean-Myatt, Bill; 2011
BEKA RECORDS EN LABEL DISKOGRAFI Aagaard, René; Pilgaard, Ole; 2013
Bel Canto Andrews, Frank; Badrock, Arthur; Farnell, Graham Last updated: January 08, 2016
Bell Dean-Myatt, Bill; Badrock, Arthur; Last updated: July 30, 2016
Bell & Arto Records Bryant, William R.; Record Research Associates; Sutton, Alan 2014
Berliner gramophone records in America Charosh, Paul 2012
Bernard Etté Horst Bergmeier; Rainer E. Lotz; undated [1995]
Besttone Thomas, Michael; Andrews, Frank; Badrock, Arthur Last updated: January 08, 2016
Billy Bartholomew Horst J. P. Bergmeier; Rainer E. Lotz; 1985
Billy Williams Andrews, Frank; Bayly, Ernie; 1982
Birdsongs on Old Records Copeland, Peter; Boswall, Jeffery; Petts, Leonard 1988
Black Europe: The sounds and images of black people in Europe pre-1927 Green, Jeffrey; Lotz, Rainer E.; Rye, Howard 2013
Black Women Recording Pioneers Lotz, Rainer E. 2007
BLUE BOYS Aagaard, René 2011
Blues and Gospel Records, 1890-1943 Dixon, Robert M. W.; Godrich, John; Rye, Howard 1997
Blues Records Leadbitter, Mike; Slaven, Neil; 1968
Bon Marche Sutcliffe, Mike; Thomas, Michael; Collins, Jonathon Last updated: January 08, 2016
Brass band cylinder and non-microgroove disc recordings 1903-1960 Andrews, Frank 1997
BRC Thomas, Michael Last updated: May 24, 2016
Britannic Thomas, Michael; Andrews, Frank; Atkin, Mike Last updated: February 20, 2016
British Phototone Thomas, Michael Last updated: January 08, 2016
Broadcast Thomas, Michael Last updated: March 26, 2016
Brunswick Thomas, Michael; Badrock, Arthur; Last updated: January 08, 2016
Brunswick Records Laird, Ross 2001
Bulldog Thomas, Michael; Jones, Mike; Gunrem, Michael Last updated: May 18, 2016
Burlington Thomas, Michael; Badrock, Arthur; Field, Norman Last updated: January 08, 2016
Butterfly Thomas, Michael; Andrews, Frank; Dean-Myatt, Bill Last updated: January 08, 2016
Børge Roger Henrichsen Pianist, trompetist, arrangør, komponist orkesterleder, forfatter og cand. jur. m.m. En Illustreret Diskografi over 78 rpm udgivelser m.m. Aagaard, René 2015
Cairo practice Vernon, Paul 1997
Calypso and Other Music of Trinidad, 1912-1962 Gibbs, Craig Martin 2015
Cameo Andrews, Frank; Thomas, Michael; Atkin, Mike Last updated: January 08, 2016
Carl Fischer Aagaard, René 2009
Carl Madsen Baryton Aagaard, René 2009
Carl Weismann Aagaard, René 2011
Carlo Minari Rainer E. Lotz 1979
Catalog of Victor Records 1938
Catálogo general de discos: Compañía Francesa del Gramophone, sección del Zonophone, Agosto de 1906 x August, 1906
Catalogue des Disques Gramophone La Voix de son Maître 1938
Catalogue Général des Disques La Voix de son Maître 1931