International Bibliography of Discographies

This bibliography has been compiled by Peter Laurence, Filip Sir, and a team of two students on behalf of the IASA Discography Committee. Many contributions were also made by individual collectors and discographers, as well as colleagues from peer associations and memory institutions. For more information on the project, click here.
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Title Author(s) Availability/Digital version Publication Yearsort ascending
Kgl. Kammersangerinde Sopran Inga Nielsen Aagaard, René 2013
Black Europe: The sounds and images of black people in Europe pre-1927 Green, Jeffrey; Lotz, Rainer E.; Rye, Howard 2013
Kgl. Kammersanger Baryton Henry Skjær Aagaard, René 2013
Klavervirtuos Victor Schiøler Ravn, Niels; Aagaard, René; 2013
BEKA RECORDS EN LABEL DISKOGRAFI Aagaard, René; Pilgaard, Ole; 2013
Plademærket Hudson Aagaard, René; Hansen, Peder; 2013
Phonograph Cylinder Histories 6 Andrews, Frank; Harrison, Keith; 2013
Sanger, skuespiller mm Carl Brisson Aagaard, René 2013
Columbia Master Recording Dates Sutton, Alan 2013
Kgl. Kammersangerinde Else Brems Mezzosopran / Alt Aagaard, René 2013
Kgl kammersangerinde Mezzo-sopran Lillian Weber Hansen Aagaard, René 2013
The Lindström project Gronow, Pekka [ed.]; Hofer, Christiane [ed.]; 2012
Online Discography Tri-Ergon Musik-Aktiengesellschaft, Berlin Rainer E. Lotz 2012
Columbia DDX-serien Aagaard, René 2012
Phonograph Cylinder Histories 4 Andrews, Frank 2012
Skuespillerinde Marie Brandstrup (Marie Bundesen) Aagaard, René 2012
Sanger – Skuespiller Tenor Aage Oderwald-Lander Aagaard, René 2012
New York Recording Laboratories Matrix Series van Rijn, Guido; van der Tuuk, Alex; 2012
Sanger og pianist Johannes Wahl Aagaard, René; Andersen Bang, Lars; Christiansen, Tina 2012
Skuespillerinde LILY WEIDING Aagaard, René 2012
Berliner gramophone records in America Charosh, Paul 2012
Sang trioen PETER BROTHERS Aagaard, René 2012
Kgl. Kammersangerinde Sopran Lilly Lamprecht Aagaard, René 2012
Kgl. Kammersangerinde sopran Ebba Wilton Aagaard, René 2012
Max Freuler Tenor Aagaard, René 2012
Kgl. Operasangerinde Sopran Rosa Hjorth (-Sell) Aagaard, René 2012
Tenor Aage Thygesen Aagaard, René 2012
John Forsell Baryton Kgl. Hovsångere Aagaard, René 2012
A history of marketing of sound recordings in Britain,1890-1903 Andrews, Frank 2012
Phonograph Cylinder Histories 5 Andrews, Frank 2012
The American Zonophone Discography, Volume 1: 10" & 12" Popular Series (1904-1912) Bryant, William R. 2012
Visesanger Marryat Lauritzen Pedersen, Hans Henrik; Aagaard, René; 2012
Skuespiller, sopran Rigmor Nathansen, Sopran Aagaard, René 2012
Baryton, Kgl. Kammersanger Holger Bruusgaard Aagaard, René 2012
Skuespiller Chr. Schrøder Aagaard, René 2012
Anders And - Plader Aagaard, René 2012
Katalog glasbenih del 2012 Bavdek, Dušan (Editor in Chief); Lenar?i?, Tjaša; Valentin?i?, Aleksij 2012
Erik Tuxen En illustreret diskografi Aagaard, René 2011
Eddy Mitchell & Les Chaussettes Noires Lesueur, Daniel 2011
Kgl. Kammersanger Margrethe Lendrop Mezzo-sopran Aagaard, René 2011
Kgl. Kammersangerinde Ida Møller Sopran Aagaard, René 2011
Kgl. kammersanger Emilie Ulrich Sopran Aagaard, René 2011
Phonograph Cylinder Histories 1 Andrews, Frank 2011
Phonography Cylinder Histories 2 Andrews, Frank 2011
Albert Vaguet Tenor de l’Opéra Aagaard, René 2011
Skuespiller m.m. Max Hansen (Sen.) Aagaard, René 2011
Carl Weismann Aagaard, René 2011
BLUE BOYS Aagaard, René 2011
Kgl. Kammersanger Baryton Per Biørn Aagaard, René 2011