International Bibliography of Discographies

This bibliography has been compiled by Peter Laurence, Filip Sir, and a team of two students on behalf of the IASA Discography Committee. Many contributions were also made by individual collectors and discographers, as well as colleagues from peer associations and memory institutions. For more information on the project, click here.
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Title Author(s) Availability/Digital version Publication Yearsort descending
Parlophone Odeon Series Andrews, Frank; Smith, Michael; -
New Jersey Phonograph Company 1892 Catalog 1892
Ohio Phonograph Company Catalog 1894 1894
Gramophone Record Catalogue x 1899
Pathé Catalogue des cylindres enregistrés x 1900
List of Edison records: echo all over the world, made at the Edison Laboratory. x 1900
Uplný seznam dvoustranných grammofonových a zonofonových desek X 1908
Odeon Records Orange Label Catalog x 1916
Répertoire des disques Pathé, 1916-1917 x 1917
Victor Records 1923 1922
Homochord Records General Catalogue x 1926
New Victor Orthophonic Records 1926
Vocalion Records Catalogue, 1926 x 1926
Répertoire des disques Pathé 1926
Disques Pathé à saphir inusable 1927
Catalogue Général des Disques La Voix de son Maître 1931
Hot Discography Delaunay, Charles; Panassié, Hugues & Lucienne; Bernard, Henri 1936
Catalog of Victor Records 1938
Catalogue des Disques Gramophone La Voix de son Maître 1938
Complete Catalog of Victor Records for 1939-1940 1939
Victor and Bluebird Popular Record Catalog 1942
Hot Discography 1943 Delaunay, Charles 1943
Swing Discographie Schwaninger, A.; Gurwitsch, A.; 1945
Dansk Jazz Discography Moller, Borge J. C. 1945
RCA Victor 1948 Record Catalog 1947
New Hot Discography Delaunay, Charles 1948
Australian Discography Mitchell, Jack 1950
Die GJC-Disco Lange, Horst H. 1951
The RCA Victor Request Catalog 1951
Die GJC-Disco, 1. Nachtrag Lange, Horst H. 1951
Die GJC-Disco, 1. Hauptnachtrag Lange, Horst H. 1952
Die GJC-Disco, 2. Nachtrag Lange, Horst H. 1952
American folksongs of protest Greenway, John 1953
Svensk Jazz Diskografi Nicolausson, Harry 1953
Dischi Fonotipia Bennett, J.R. 1953
The RCA Victor Personal Music Service Catalog 1956
Edison Standard Index Deakins, Duane 1959
Va?clav Talich a gramofonova deska S?eda, Jaroslav; Svoboda, Otakar 1960
Edison Blue Amberol Index Deakins, Duane 1960
Indestructible Records Index Deakins, Duane 1960
U.S. Everlasting Index Deakins, Duane 1961
Foreign languages on records - Jugoton 1963
Medieval and Renaissance music on long-playing records Coover, James; Colvig, Richard; 1964
Villa-Lobos em discografia Museu Villa-Lobos 1965
A Catalogue of Tape and Gramophone Records of Australasian Region Bird Sound Boswall, Jeffery 1965
Arturo Toscanini: a complete discography Radio Corporation of America 1966
RCA: A Complete Catalog of 4-Track Reel Tapes x 1968
Blues Records Leadbitter, Mike; Slaven, Neil; 1968
A Discography of Bird Sound from the Antarctic Boswall, Jeffery; Prytherch, Robin J. 1969