International Bibliography of Discographies

This bibliography has been compiled by Peter Laurence, Filip Sir, and a team of two students on behalf of the IASA Discography Committee. Many contributions were also made by individual collectors and discographers, as well as colleagues from peer associations and memory institutions. For more information on the project, click here.
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Title Author(s)sort descending Availability/Digital version Publication Year
Lale Andersen. Diskografie der kommerziellen Aufnahmen 1932 bis März 1953 Lotz, Rainer E.; Weize, Richard; Christian Zwarg 2008
Discography of first Iranian female singers in Qajar era Mansour, Amir March, 2005
Discography of Nayyer Aazam Rumi Mansour, Amir September, 2005
Sodwa Persian 78 rpm records (1939) Mansour, Amir December, 2005
Piano on Persian 78 rpm records Mansour, Amir December 2009
Delbar records Mansour, Amir June, 2005
Polyphon Persian records (1927) Mansour, Amir March, 2005
Discography of "Salim khan" Mansour, Amir June, 2005
Discography of "Sheikh Karna" Mansour, Amir June, 2005
78 rpm records of acting in Qajar era Mansour, Amir September, 2005
Discography of “Qamar-ol-molook Waziri” Mansour, Amir December, 2005
Concert Record Gramophone (1912): labelography Mansour, Amir March, 2006
Concert Record Gramophone (1912): a complete discography Mansour, Amir March, 2006
Indian made Persian 78s: Young Iran (1946) Mansour, Amir June, 2006
Discography of Jamal Safavi Mansour, Amir June, 2006
Jamshid (Persian Recoding Co.) – 1949 NY Mansour, Amir September, 2006
Daily discography of recordings in London-1909 Mansour, Amir September, 2006
Persian Pathe records-1928 Mansour, Amir December, 2006
Rezagholi mirza Zelli; a survey in his history, discography & works Mansour, Amir December, 2006
When I was in Berlin: Odeon Persian recordings 1937 Mansour, Amir March, 2007
Discography of "Hosseinali khan Nakisa" Mansour, Amir March, 2007
Polyphon Persian Catalog 1929 (III) Mansour, Amir March, 2007
Khorshid records; Persian recordings in Paris 1907 Mansour, Amir June, 2007
Hit LPs and reproducing western LPs in Iran Mansour, Amir June, 2007
Monarc-Record (Anker) Persian records 1914 Mansour, Amir September, 2007
A complete list of Persian Polyphon records 1927/1928 Mansour, Amir September, 2007
Piano on Persian 78 rpm records Mansour, Amir December, 2009
Special issue on Catalogs of Persian 78 rpm records Mansour, Amir March, 2008
Societe Orientale de disques, SODWA’ Alep-1936 Mansour, Amir June, 2008
Discography of Seyyed Ali Asghar Kurdestani Mansour, Amir June, 2008
Első Magyar Hanglemezgyár - Premier Record Marton, Gyula dr.; Bajnai, Klára dr.; 2008
A Discography of 78 RPM Era Recordings of the Horn: Solo and Chamber Literature with Commentary McBeth, Amy 1997
The London American Legend McKee, David M. 2004
African music on LP: an annotated discography Merriam, Alan P. 1970
Die "Ewige Freundin" Meyer-Rähnitz, Bernd; Oehme, Frank; Schütte, Joachim 2006
Cuca Records Database Mills Music Library, UW-Madison 1996
Paramount Records Discography Mills Music Library, UW-Madison 2002
Mayrent Collection of Yiddish Recordings Mills Music Library, UW-Madison 2014
Australian Discography Mitchell, Jack 1950
Dansk Jazz Discography Moller, Borge J. C. 1945
Roll Back The Years: History of Canadian Recorded Sound and its Legacy (Genesis to 1930) Moogk, Edward B. 1975 (Reprinted in 1980)
L'intera discografia italiana dell'etichetta Morini, Augusto; Maiotti, Maurizio 2007
Reggae discography / Reggae-Discografie Moter, Hermann 1983
Villa-Lobos em discografia Museu Villa-Lobos 1965
Indestructible and U-S Everlasting Cylinders Nauck III, Kurt R.; Sutton, Allan; 2011
Svensk Jazz Diskografi Nicolausson, Harry 1953
Commercial Recordings of Papua New Guinea Music, 1949–1983 Niles, Don 1984
Commercial Recordings of Papua New Guinea Music, 1984 Supplement Niles, Don 1985
Commercial Recordings of Papua New Guinea Music; 1985 Supplement Niles, Don 1987
Commercial Recordings of Papua New Guinea Music; 1986 Supplement Niles, Don 1987