International Bibliography of Discographies

This bibliography has been compiled by Peter Laurence, Filip Sir, and a team of two students on behalf of the IASA Discography Committee. Many contributions were also made by individual collectors and discographers, as well as colleagues from peer associations and memory institutions. For more information on the project, click here.
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Title Author(s)sort descending Availability/Digital version Publication Year
Jugoton - Govorna izdanja Presumaby 1977
Jugoton - Katalog muzi?kih kazeta 1 Presumably 1974
Jugoton - Katalog muzi?kih kazeta 2 Presumably 1974
Catalogue of Records = Katalog ozbiljne muzike 1971 1971
Pjesme borbe, revolucije i rodoljublja u izdanjima "Jugotona" Presumably 1979
La musique et les musiciens Croates en disques Unknown
Katalog: Plo?e - Kazete 1977
Katalog: Plo?e - Kazete 1978
New Victor Orthophonic Records 1926
RCA Victor 1948 Record Catalog 1947
Catalog of Victor Records 1938
Complete Catalog of Victor Records for 1939-1940 1939
The RCA Victor Request Catalog 1951
Katalog gramofonskih ploca 1 1973
Victor and Bluebird Popular Record Catalog 1942
The RCA Victor Personal Music Service Catalog 1956 van Beeld en Geluid 1997 -
New Victor Records July 1917 July 1917
New Victor Records September 1917 September 1917
New Jersey Phonograph Company 1892 Catalog 1892
Victor Records 1923 1922
Jugoton - Discothalia Presumably 1979
Ohio Phonograph Company Catalog 1894 1894
Price List of Musical Records, Etc. For Sale by the Louisiana Phonograph Company, Ltd. June 1892
Disques Pathé à saphir inusable 1927
Catalogue of Musical Phonograms for the Phonograph January 1890
Répertoire des disques Pathé 1926
Price List of Supplies for Phonograph F.O.B. for Edison Phonograph Works, Orange, NJ May 26, 1889
Catalogue Général des Disques La Voix de son Maître 1931
New Recordings Made by the North American Phonograph Co. December 1, 1893
Djeco, Jugoton vam pri?a i pjeva... 1979
Catalogue des Disques Gramophone La Voix de son Maître 1938
Katalog muzi?kih izdanja djela ?lanova Udruženja kompozitora Bosne i Hercegovine 1970
Foreign languages on records - Jugoton 1963
A discography of Hindustani and Karnatic music Kinnear, Michael S. 1985
The Gramophone Company's First Indian Recordings, 1899-1908 Kinnear, Michael S. 1994
Paramount 12000-13000 Series Vreede, Max E. 1971
Revyskuespiller Kjeld Petersen Aagaard, René 2011
Danske kunstnere på Victor Records udgivet i USA Aagaard, René 2009-2010
Tenor Kgl. Kammersanger, tenor Stefán Íslandi Aagaard, René 2013
Kapelmester Otto Lington – Et liv i musik Aagaard, René 2009
Valdemar Schiøler Linck Aagaard, René 2009
Tenor Aage Thygesen Aagaard, René 2012
Carl Weismann Aagaard, René 2011
Kgl. Kammersanger Tenor Marius Jacobsen Aagaard, René 2009
Kapelmester Otto Lington – Et liv i musik Aagaard, René 2009
Skuespiller Chr. Schrøder Aagaard, René 2012
Enrico Caruso – Label collection Aagaard, René 2005-09 (uploaded 2014)