International Bibliography of Discographies

The International Bibliography of Discographies (IBD) is a searchable e-resource containing entries for current and historical works of discography. The focus is on commercial published recordings, but discographies of unpublished recordings, transcription discs and field recordings are also included in the bibliography. In the IBD you will find label, artist, genre and national discographies in multiple languages and formats (books, articles, CD-ROMs, PDFs, websites, databases), as well as record label catalogs. Our objective is to give researchers and collectors one resource for finding information about published discographies, and also, when available, unpublished work in progress. The IBD was created in 2017 by the Discography Committee of the International Association of Sound and Audiovisual Archives (IASA), and it is now a collaborative project with individual and institutional contributors around the world.

Each entry in the IBD corresponds to one work of discography, whether originally a print journal article or a large online database. Commercial record catalogs currently appear alongside discographies, though they will likely be moved to a separate section eventually. Each discography entry includes title, author, publication date and a note about availability (or a link to an online version) on the initial results page. The title for each entry also serves as a link to more detailed information and an annotation about each discography or catalog. We have created a Digital Discography Collection at the Internet Archive to store discographies that contributors or members of our team have digitized as part of the IBD project.

Entries with digital copies at the Internet Archive show this logo:

Click here for more information on the project, including: 1) directions on how to contribute new entries to the IBD, or submit digital versions to the team; 2) a link to the Internet Archive collection; and 3) a collaborative spreadsheet of periodicals relating to discography. Work was supported by International Association of Sound and Audiovisual Archives, Harvard University and the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic (DKRVO 2018/47, National Museum, 00023272).

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Title Author(s) Publication Yearsort ascending Availability/Digital version
American Record Company, Hawthorne & Sheble and International Record Co Bryant, William R.; Sutton, Alan; 2015
Afro-Cuban and Latin music on CD Brand, Peter; Otto, Helmut 2015
RICHARD ANTHONY Jelot-Blanc, Jean-Jacques; Lesueur, Daniel 2015
Elisabeth Schwarzkopf Soprano Aagaard, René 2015
Elisabeth Schwarzkopf Soprano Aagaard, René 2015
"Iberia" de Isaac Albéniz: estudio de sus interpretaciones a través de 'El Puerto’ en los registros sonoros /Iberia by Isaac Albeniz: Study of its interpretations through ‘El Puerto” in sound recordings Rebollo García, María de Lourdes 2015
Ingelise Rune Refrænsangerinde En Illustreret Diskografi Aagaard, René 2015
Børge Roger Henrichsen Pianist, trompetist, arrangør, komponist orkesterleder, forfatter og cand. jur. m.m. En Illustreret Diskografi over 78 rpm udgivelser m.m. Aagaard, René 2015
Beka labels and trademarks Lotz, Rainer E. 2015
Leeds & Catlin Records Bryant, William R.; Sutton, Alan; 2015
The Bluebird Discography, Volume 1 Bolig, John R. 2015
Calypso and Other Music of Trinidad, 1912-1962 Gibbs, Craig Martin 2015
The Pathé–Perfect Discography American Issues, 1922–1930 Volume 2 Sutton, Alan; Bryant, William R.; Record Research Associates 2015
Afro-Cuban and Latin music on LP Brand, Peter; Otto, Helmut 2015
SAFIR – Records Aagaard, René 2014?
Pladeselskabet "Pjerrot" Aagaard, René 2014?
Kgl. Kammersangerinde Sopran Else Schøtt Aagaard, René 2014
Pianist og entertainer Børge Rosenbaum AKA Victor Borge Aagaard, René 2014
Imperial Records Andrews, Frank; Dean-Myatt, Bill; 2014
Anna Madsen Alt – Contralt Skuespillerinde Aagaard, René 2014
Revyskuespiller Elga Olga Svendsen Aagaard, René 2014
Robert Storm Petersen Aagaard, René 2014
EDISON BELL RECORDS i Danmark C – R – og D serierne Aagaard, René 2014
Inge Aasted Børneplader Aagaard, René 2014
Kordt Sisters Grete, Asta, Inga og Else Kordt en illustreret diskografi Aagaard, René 2014
Kgl. Skuespiller, instruktør Johannes Poulsen og Kgl. Skuespiller, direktør Adam Poulsen Aagaard, René 2014
Creole Music of the French West Indies: a discography, 1900-1959 Boulanger, Alain; Cowley, John; Monneraye, Marc 2014
Bell & Arto Records Bryant, William R.; Record Research Associates; Sutton, Alan 2014
Český katalog nahrávek gramofonové firmy Esta 1930-1946 Gössel, Gabriel; Šír, Filip; 2014
The Pathé–Perfect Discography American Issues, 1922–1930 Volume 1 Bryant, William R.; Sutton, Alan; Record Research Associates 2014
Egypt 1903: A Discography of the Gramophone Company's First Egyptian Recordings Strötbaum, Hugo 2014
London-Label-Lexicon Bloemeke, Rudiger; Hartig, Heinz Gunter; Schlieck, Ulrich 2014
Online Discography Homophon Liliput 12 3/4cm Homocord Liliput 15cm Rainer E. Lotz 2014
Online Discography Nimbus 14,5cm Nimbus 17,5cm Rainer E. Lotz 2014
Online Discography Semer Hebräische Buchhandlung Hirsch Lewin Berlin Rainer E. Lotz 2014
Eli Oberstein’s United States Record Corporation Sutton, Alan; Record Research Associates; 2014
The Victor Discography Bolig R., John 2014
Sopran, skuespiller Gerda Madsen Aagaard, René 2014
Kgl. Kammersangerinde Sopran Dorothy Larsen Aagaard, René 2014
Mayrent Collection of Yiddish Recordings Mills Music Library, UW-Madison 2014
Danske 15 cm Børneplader fra Gnom – Polyphon Aagaard, René 2014
Drenge-sopran Preben Torntoft Aagaard, René 2014
Skuespiller – Operettehelt Tenor Henry Seemann Aagaard, René 2014
JIMMY PAGE Lesueur, Daniel 2014
Lilli Hoffmann, sopran Aagaard, René 2013?
Aksel Schiøtz Tenor / Baryton Aagaard, René; Christiansen, Tina; Bang Andersen, Lars 2013-2014
Kgl. Kammersangerinde Sopran Inga Nielsen Aagaard, René 2013
Kgl. Kammersanger Baryton Henry Skjær Aagaard, René 2013
Phonograph Cylinder Histories 6 Andrews, Frank; Harrison, Keith; 2013